PI = Infinite Possibilities 

Pi Craft is dedicated to making healthy delicious menu items such as hand crafted pizzas, using fresh ingredients, served in a fast casual style.

With our state of the art revolving pizza oven we can cook our American-Italian inspired fare in about 6 minutes.

The toppings are unique and always fresh giving you thousands of topping combinations to create your own pizza for one price. Or try one of our delicious signature Pi's.


It's All About The Dough...

We use an ancient European yeast culture and 4 flours to create a unique whole grain artisan crust.  Our original recipe is not an American style bread pizza, or super thin European crust, we fall somewhere in the middle.

Our state of the art revolving stone oven reaches temperatures upward of 1000˚F, while the floor temperature typically ranges between 600˚ to 800˚ F.  Because of this high temperature, we can cook pizzas in about 3-6 minutes.